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Friday 27 February 2009

Of Bread and Frogs

Turning vegetarian - that was unforgivable for our French friends. Refusing to eat "le" meat ? How could we be such philistines ? (Yes, meat-eating is considered an art in France). Then it was choosing to get around on bikes.

But now we've given them another reason to label us as crazy arrogant foreign hipsters. We bought a bread machine. Now, our French friends don't know this yet. But I can already imagine their reaction. "What ? You don't like baguettes ? Food snobs !" Well, I guess baguette is okay now and then as a novelty, but it gets boring when you eat it 365 days a year - as many French people still do. Plus it isn't even healthy. There's no wholegrain in it. And if you drink water with it, it makes you bloat. Yes, like frogs.

It's part of a wider move. We're trying to buy less pre-packaged, processed and ready-made food, and cook/bake more ourselves. It takes much more time, but it's cheaper (no matter what people say), it's healthier, it's yummier, and it's more ethical.

So who cares what the French think ? I'd rather be arrogant and healthy any day than cynical and bloated.

PS. Don't miss the Age of Stupid drama-docu film about climate change when it comes out this Spring.


Camille said...

Tssss! ça suffit ces petites remarques désobligeantes sur les français et leur art culinaire!!! lol (oui je suis blessée dans ma susceptibilité de française hihihi).
Bon allez, on se verra pour une pizza végétarienne la semaine prochaine ;-)

Groovy Shamrock said...

Mdr oui... tu m'as eu... j'ai juste besoin de me défouler un peu de temps en temps, hihi.
C'est sûrement parce qu'au fond de moi, j'aime beaucoup la France et les français, et j'ai juste honte de l'admettre. =P

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