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Wednesday 20 August 2008

A Really Inconvenient Truth

A Really Inconvenient Truth is an analysis of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and a critique of capitalism by American eco-socialist Joel Kovel, who ran against Ralph Nader for the Green Party's Presidential nomination in 2000 .
If you're a hardened capitalist, you'll probably hate this video. Otherwise you should have a look.

The main point Kovel makes is that you can't try to stop environmental crisis and the thrashing of our planet without challenging the capitalist system, and all that it entails.
I really appreciated the fact that Kovel makes it clear that we, as individuals, have to change our lifestyle of unabashed consumerism. Too many socialists are busy attacking capitalism (which is a good thing in itself) but aren't ready to change any of their own habits.

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M.A.S.T. said...

This is R&V. Yeah the problem is everyone wants to talk about being eco, then jump in their SUV or private Lear Jet. I heard even Gore's house uses like $2000 of water, electricity & gas each month. People want green, but without change of lifestyle and they expect the government to make it happen...without affecting them. Cheaper goods and more money to buy them with. Ahh the human psyche! We are not logical beings. Big hugs to L!
Ciao, R&V

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